At Shirley Dental Practice the dermal fillers we use are a product made from non-animal Hyaluronic Acid.  Hyaluronic acid is also naturally produced by our bodies and helps hydrate the skin, maintaining structure and volume. However as we age this production is reduced, causing loss of volume which creates folds, creases and fine lines on our faces.  Lips also tend to get thinner and the corners of the mouth tend to drop. This loss of volume can be replaced by dermal filler injections like Restylane® or Emervel®

      Areas that can be treated are:

      • Deep lines between eyebrows
      • Nose-to-mouth lines
      • Mouth-to-chin lines (Marionette lines)
      • Lips – for symmetry and volume, or increased definition of lip border
      • Smokers lines
      • Mouth corners

The procedure is done with gel injections that contain local anaesthetic to reduce any discomfort. The beauty of dermal filler treatment is that the effects can be seen instantly.  A follow up appointment is made 3 weeks after the initial procedure to review results and top up if necessary.  The treatment is not permanent, reversible and is long lasting.  Depending on the area treated we recommend repeat treatment at 6-12 months. Call us today for more information on how to create the natural looking, softer and refreshed appearance you are looking for and book your FREE facial aesthetic consultation with us.

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