Wrinkle Reduction Treatments in Bromley and Croydon

Repeated facial expressions and ageing can cause wrinkles and lines to form. Wrinkle reduction injections are a quick and simple procedure using Botulinum Toxin which is injected into the facial muscles causing them to temporarily relax, allowing to soften these lines. They can also help prevent deeper lines from forming.  At Shirley Dental Practice we use Azzalure® (botulinum toxin type A) to help reduce the appearance of these expression lines, but not completely stopping all facial muscle movement.  This helps to create a natural softer look.

The procedure is relatively painless and quick, with results starting to be seen after 3 days but fully taking into effect at 2-3 weeks.  The reduction in the appearance of these lines can last on average 3-4 months.

Areas that can be treated at our clinic include:

  • Frown lines (vertical lines that form in between the eyebrows)
  • Crows feet (around the side of eyes)
  • Forehead lines
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of underarms, hands and feet.
  • Gummy smile
  • Dimpled chin
  • Smokers lines.

A follow-up appointment is made 2-3 weeks after the initial procedure to review the results. Treatment is recommended to be repeated every 3-6 months. Call us today for more information or to book your FREE facial aesthetic consultation.

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