‘Root canal treatment’ is the most common term for endodontic treatment. Root canal treatment treats inflammation and infection in the nerve of your tooth.  The nerve can become inflamed due to deep decay, trauma or large existing fillings.  At one time, your tooth would have required extracting under similar circumstances, but now we can save affected teeth and keep your smile natural for even longer.

    • Below are some signs that you may require a root canal treatment:

    • A dull ache from a tooth
    • Over-sensitivity to hot and cold consumables
    • Pain when biting or chewing
    • Swollen gum tissue
    • Facial swelling

Modern dental technology has made root canal treatments both routine and stress-free, so even anxious patients can decide to keep their teeth in healthy shape. If endodontic therapy is recommended in your case, your dentist will explain the procedure in detail so that you know what to expect, and offer sedation if you are anxious.  Usually after root canal treatment, a crown or onlay is advised to protect the tooth from fracturing.

Dr Shiv Radia has a keen interest in root canal treatments and has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Endodontics from the Eastman Dental Institute.

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