Most efficient and revolutionary way of straightening front teeth

The popular and effective Inman Aligner corrects protruding or crowded front teeth by gently moving them into a more attractive position. It is also a recommended treatment for anterior crossbite and mildly rotated teeth.

Inman Aligner contains a coiled spring that gradually and comfortably applies pressure to misaligned teeth, whilst a clear bar on the front teeth help push them into alignment.  Once treatment is complete, all you need to do is wear a clear retainer at recommended intervals or have a fixed retainer bonded in to place, to keep your rejuvenated smile looking its best.

Benefits and advantages include:

  • Only one aligner is needed: no need to change appliances as your teeth adjust
  • The appliance is only semi-visible when worn
  • Can be removed as needed to suit your lifestyle
  • Treatment is accomplished in a matter of weeks
  • More affordable than other invisible braces

Inman aligner is a tooth straightening system that is comparatively low cost with quick results and is especially designed for mild treatment cases.  To learn more about the Inman Aligner treatment, call Shirley Dental Practice for a consultation. Amazing results can be only weeks away!

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