Gum disease can be caused by a number of dental issues. The most common cause is plaque build-up, in which bacteria cause inflammation and bleeding. Left untreated, a mild reversible form of gum disease called gingivitis can result and if this progresses, it can lead to periodontitis, which irreversibly destroys both gum and bone tissue.  In periodontitis, the gum comes away from the tooth to create deep pockets.  These pockets need to be treated in order to stabilise the disease process.

    Other causes include:
    • Improper and inconsistent oral hygiene
    • Crowded teeth that create hard-to-clean areas
    • Smoking
    • Improper diet
    • Medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and immunosuppression.
    • Certain types of medications

Unlike some dental problems, gum disease tends to develop slowly and with minimal pain, so that you don’t notice anything amiss until it has reached a critical stage and tooth loss is a real risk.

        At Shirley Dental Practice we can help you prevent and treat gum disease. Treatments include:

      • Teeth cleaning and scaling
      • Root planning/ root surface debridement
      • Local antimicrobial treatment if required.

If your gum disease is severe or advanced, you will be referred to a periodontal specialist who will treat your condition and monitor you for progress.

Like most diseases, gum problems can be prevented by observing good dental hygiene. This includes daily brushing, interdental cleaning, and routine dental and hygienist visits. To keep your gums healthy and teeth stable, schedule an appointment with Shirley Dental Practice today.

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