Partial & Removable Dentures In Croydon

Your teeth play an important role in both your state of health and the way others perceive you. If any of them require extraction or are lost due to trauma, Shirley Dental Practice can fit you with comfortable, secure, and attractive dentures which are removable and easy to clean.

There are two types of dentures:

  • Partial dentures restore one or more missing teeth
  • Complete dentures replace all the teeth on an entire arch

We will help you select the dentures that restore your missing teeth while staying compatible with your budget and lifestyle. We offer a range of denture materials:

  • Acrylic: Most commonly used.  They can be easily repaired, adjusted or added to as required.  A great material for immediate and also complete dentures.
  • Cobalt chrome: Can be made very thin in comparison to acrylic, whilst maintaining strength.  They utilise clasps on supporting teeth to retain the denture in position making them very stable.
  • Flexible dentures: Allow a more natural feel due to their flexibility and lightweight nature.

When properly fitted, dentures restore support to your face and jaw structure, allow you to enjoy eating again, and have a dramatic improvement on your overall well-being. Taking your needs and desired aesthetic effect into account, Shirley Dental Practice will create a smile that compliments the natural shape of your mouth, creating a beautiful and wholly natural effect.

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