Millions of people suffer from the taxing effects of obstructive sleep apnoea. They sleep poorly and can often feel tired even after a normal amount of sleep or snore so loudly that their partner can’t sleep. Fortunately, Shirley Dental Practice can help with an affordable treatment option.

We are pleased to be able to provide our patients with the Sleepwell® appliance, which is placed in the mouth before going to bed. Designed for complete comfort while sleeping, Sleepwell® postures the lower jaw forward, preventing the tongue from relaxing back and blocking the airway.  This effectively reduces or eliminates snoring.

      Unique features of this revolutionary appliance include:

    • Support for side to side movement of the lower jaw
    • Ability to be adjusted by the patient to maximize effectiveness
    • High patient comfort
    • Clinically proven and effective

For more information about Sleepwell®, call the practice and schedule a consultation with the dentist who will be happy to discuss this treatment option with you. If you are a suitable candidate for this treatment, impressions of your mouth will be taken and a bespoke Sleepwell® appliance will be made to ensure a perfect fit, so that you can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep.

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